Benefits of Participation

  • Help build and be part of a vibrant and growing University community of students from diverse racial and social backgrounds.
  • Take charge of your education, training and career by building a Personal Development Plan.
  • Benefit from a support structure designed to address the special challenges that you may face in your training and career.
  • Get help and advice on vital topics such as study skills, time management, networking, and choosing a research advisor.
  • Receive structured training, advice and mentoring on crucial professional skills including networking, leadership and career planning.
  • As a part of the Emory Mentoring Pipeline, receive peer mentoring from senior students and postdocs; participate in mentoring students who are your juniors.
  • Benefit from opportunities to gain leadership skills and work in teams
  • Supported students receive travel funds towards attending a conference in their second year
  • Supported students have their student fees paid by the IMSD program

Student Quotes

"Being involved in the IMSD program has provided me with a unique community of colleagues that have tremendously aided in my growth and development as a graduate student. Without this supportive community, my experience at Emory would have been vastly different." – Jessica Coates, IMSD Fellow 2013-2015