Benefits of Participation

IMSD Scholars will be provided with year round research experiences in high quality research laboratories under the supervision of NIH-funded mentors.

  •  Fully supported research experiences 10-15 hours during the academic year and 40hrs/week for summer research
  •  Help build and be part of a vibrant and growing University community of students from diverse racial and social backgrounds.
  •  Benefit from a community and support structure designed to address the special challenges that you may face in your training and career.
  •  Take charge of your education, training and career by building a (modified) Individual Development Plan.
  •  Get help and advice on vital topics such as study skills, time management, networking, and choosing a research laboratory and mentor.
  •  Receive structured training, advice and mentoring on crucial professional skills including networking, leadership and career planning.
  •  Receive training in research methods, the responsible conduct of research, and Ethics.
  •  Participate in poster symposia and receive feedback on your posters and presentations.
  •  Scholars will learn to prepare successful pre-doctoral applications and write applications for fellowships and travel awards.

Student Quotes

"IMSD was an influential part of my undergraduate career. Without the mentors that I met in the program, I would not have made it as far as I did." – Janessa Aneke, IMSD Scholar 2013-2015

"The Emory IMSD gave me the opportunity to engage in the summer research program here at Emory which eventually led me to meet my amazing research mentor, Dr. Arthur English. With the mentorship and guidance from the IMSD faculty mentors and graduate student fellows, my interest in becoming a physician scientist has been reinforced. I have built relationships and connections with community scholars and mentors that will positively impact my career path. The Individual Development Plan (IDP) made my career-preparation and planning very manageable and less stressful. I honestly believe I wouldn't be where I am today if not for the support and encouragement I received from the IMSD community and program." – Kojo Sarpong, IMSD Scholar 2013-2015

"I've raised over a thousand monarch butterflies, used the measles virus to turn human cells green, tested antibodies on hundreds of live human parasites, and presented my work to Jimmy Carter. You won't find those kinds of experiences in class." – Kristoffer Leon, IMSD Scholar 2013-2015