Program Directors and Coordinators

Program Directors

Keith D. Wilkinson, Ph.D.Keith D. Wilkinson, PhD

Dr. Keith D. Wilkinson, Professor and Vice Chair of Biochemistry and Director of the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences is the Director of the IMSD. Dr. Wilkinson received a BA in Chemistry from Albion College and did his MS and PhD studies at the University of Michigan where he worked on the mechanisms of flavoprotein catalysis. He joined the faculty at Emory in 1981 after postdoctoral studies at the Institute for Cancer Research at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in the laboratory of 2004 Nobel Prize winner Irwin A. Rose. He has been involved in the leadership of graduate education for over 30 years. Dr. Wilkinson served as the Director of Graduate Studies and as Program Director for the BCDB Program and has served on numerous dissertation and advisory committees at Emory. He has directed the GDBBS for ten years and also maintains an active research laboratory that studies the roles and functions of ubiquitin-dependent processes. He has trained over 20 MS, PhD and postdoctoral trainees; his most recent three graduates were all UR students. His administrative position as Director of the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences puts him in an ideal position to champion and direct the collaborative efforts to increase diversity in graduate education.

Pat MarstellerPatricia Marstellar, PhD
Undergraduate Director

Pat Marsteller, PI, is a Professor of Practice in the department of biology.  She has directed the HHMI initiatives since 1990 and the Center for Science Education since 1998. The Center for Science Education (CSE) promotes access, interest and participation in STEM careers. Our programs bolster science literacy and provide hands-on research and curriculum development experiences for students and faculty at the precollege, college and postgraduate levels. Through our student and curriculum development activities, we integrate research and education and help students explore the array of careers open to individuals with a solid background in science. She has been involved in special recruitment and retention efforts for students underrepresented in science for over 30 years. She developed the first summer undergraduate research program at Emory and continue to lead this program. She developed the Hughes Undergraduates Excelling in Science (HUES) program to assist underrepresented minority students successfully complete the introductory science courses. Since its inception, HUES has provided guidance and support for over 1000 underrepresented minorities throughout their Emory career in order to promote their performance in science and mathematics courses and their post-undergraduate pursuit of science-related careers. She has taken leadership roles in faculty and graduate student preparation in mentoring, teaching, communicating science and professional development

Edward MorganEdward (Eddie) T. Morgan, PhD
Graduate Director

Edward T. (Eddie) Morgan, PhD, Graduate Coordinator.  Dr. Morgan is Professor of Pharmacology and has been at Emory for 28 years.  His graduate training was at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, and he was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.  His laboratory focuses on regulation of hepatic drug metabolizing enzymes in infectious and inflammatory diseases. He was Director of the Molecular and Systems Pharmacology (MSP) graduate program for 12 years, with another 7 years as Director of Graduate Studies of two different programs.  Dr. Morgan has a long-standing commitment to the core goals of the IMSD program, to promote diversity in research training and in the scientific workforce.

Program Coordinator and Assistant Director


Amanda Marie James, PhD
Assistant Director

Dr. Amanda Marie James is the Senior Program Coordinator and Assistant Director for the IMSD program, after serving as the postdoctoral coordinator of the IMSD grant. Dr. James received a BS in Biochemistry from Spelman College and then received her doctoral degree in Clinical Pharmacology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2013, and is recently finished a postdoctoral fellowship centered on research, STEM outreach, and diversity at both Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. James was an executive member of the Emory University Postdoctoral Association and the chair of the Minority Postdoctoral Council at Emory University. Her current research is focused on the identification and quantitation of microRNA to be used as biomarkers in Coronary Artery Disease. She is committed to enhancing the academic experience of a diverse group of scientists by developing and organizing networks of faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and industry liaison mentors and by initiating conversations about how effective mentoring is essential for the success of all scientists. Dr. James also facilitates workshops on professionalism, early career development, and mentor selection and organizes seminars on innovating research across the campus.